Why wearing a mask could slow down the spread of COVID-19 …..

1. It decreases the virus spread by infected individuals. The mask traps virus particles on the inside, preventing the virus particles from becoming airborne. Protecting Others.

2. Decreasing new infections by uninfected individuals. The mask prevents airborne virus particles from being inhaled from the outside. Protecting Yourself.

3. Limiting hand to face contact. The mask puts a physical barrier between potentially contaminated hands and passages to one's lungs.

We need to increase these virality-decreasing pathways by encouraging a universal mask-wearing protocol to fight COVID-19.

Source: maskssavelives.org

Inspiration from my 11 year old son

I would like to thank my son Spencer for inspiring me !

Early March, when I asked him to wear a plain white face mask – he laughed at me, even in such scary times he just thought he was too cool for that !

I had initially asked him for two main reasons :

1. To make me feel better as a parent when he was out of the house knowing that he would be taking extra precautions.

2. He would limit the chance of spreading further germs through his coughing and sneezing etc.

So I printed a cool design on a textile material as a prototype and asked him again

This time he thought it was cool and wanted to wear it.
He was happier and I was happier.

The first prototype was made and 9 prototypes later JustLush.co.uk was launched.

Thanks for being a vain and awkward son.

Let's promote a mask-wearing culture to lower COVID-19 infections.

Anything that slows the spread of COVID-19 can only be seen as a good thing. Wearing a face mask reduces airborne transmitted viruses from being passed from person-to-person that in turn will lower COVID-19's infection rate.

1. Wear a mask when outside of your home to avoid any lingering airborne virus droplets.

2. N95 masks are better than surgical masks, but anything that prevents breathing in moisture particles with viruses helps.  

3. We need hard data that show a direct effect of a strong mask-wearing culture to lower COVID-19 virality. We only have anecdotal research at this point.

4. Going in public without a mask in a pandemic is like riding a motorcycle without a helmet. You don't look cool. People see you and think you don't value your life.

5. Promote research that shows the benefits of wearing masks. 

6. Start promoting universal masks-wearing at the local level. Encourage your neighbours, apartment building, and city government to wear masks.

Source : maskssavelives.org


JustLush Full Colour 100% Polyester Face Mask

The JustLush face masks are designed, printed and handmade in the UK. 

We have 100’s of designs to cater for all requirements and ages. 

We hope that the stigma attached with wearing a mask is overcome through the designs we can create.

The standard surgical face masks (certification FFP3) are in short supply (as they are often imported from China) so we have produced the best alternative with the resources, materials and restrictions in place today.

If people were to use a face mask it could reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other germs when people cough and sneeze. 

Our aim is to make sure that if surgical face masks are not available at least all UK key worker hero’s have the option to have a JustLush Face Mask.