Calling all Commercial Seam Stress Companies!!!

Calling all Commercial Seam Stress Companies!!!

We need your help:

We have designed a face mask that is far superior to a standard homemade cotton mask - we have designed a mask that is two-ply knitted polyester that can house the easily accessible filters that are readily available from all key retailers. We also listened to our NHS staff who were complaining about the fit of the elastic medical face masks (it was hurting their heads) so we designed our mask a different way so that the elastic wrapped around the head rather than the ears only. All of our masks are washable, so we created the strapline Wear One, take one, wash one to encourage hygiene.

Since then we have been gearing up our production process to make sure we can cope with demand. We have been creating designs for men, woman, girls and boys (age 3+)
Due to demand, we are now contacting other businesses that have the sewing capabilities to work with us so we can make sure everyone in the UK has access to a face mask. We can advise on tech specs and how to make the product and we would send you the printed textile pre-cut and will arrange delivery and collection.

We are giving 50%of our profit to help the NHS and medical industry to combat this virus through R & D or to equip our front-line heroes with equipment that they need and deserve.

We now have the capability to ship worldwide because we are getting inundated with requests from other countries because everyone is experiencing the same problem with supply chain issues.

As we handcraft these products in our factory in the UK and we have a huge amount of experience in the industry we have spoken with our specialist's textile supplier/inks supplier and elastic suppliers/sewing machine maintenance teams and we have various contingencies in place to make sure we never run out of our raw materials. The only limitation that we have is a sewing resource.

Can you help?

Commercial seamstresses, we need you!

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