Journey So Far

Journey So Far

On 18th March, the 1st prototype was created. We then worked with our extensive network of suppliers to understand appropriate textiles and anti-bacterial coating manufacturers in the medical industry.

We created various prototypes and tried different materials and designs and tested them with our seamstresses. 9 prototypes later (working around the clock) we had a finished product.

As we are a textile dye sublimation printer – making a white mask or a full colour printed mask is a very similar process. Wearing masks in major cities is not uncommon, however, wearing a mask in
the UK is unusual. Due to the experience with our owner’s son i.e. he felt stupid wearing a white mask we thought this would be the opinion of most people, especially children. We created various
designs to try and make the product look less ‘offensive and unusual’ so people wanted to wear them. 

We are very proud to be producing a product that is currently in short supply and can potentially
help people be responsible and stay safe The mask is not medically certified; however, the shortage of surgical face masks was becoming serious and we thought our mask would be a good alternative and as we can manufacture in the UK there would be no issue with the supply chain etc.

We tried to contact the NHS through various channels to see if we could offer support and help with the supply of plain white anti-bacterial face masks. We contacted our local council Bolsover Council,
Leeds Council, Manchester Council and York council; however, we were guided to online portals and
generic procurement email addresses.

Obviously, every department was busy trying to help everyone in this crazy situation. We even sent a message direct to Matt Hancock (UK Health
Minister) offering to help but unfortunately had no response.