About Us

We produce all products in-house and our success is due to our fantastic team of employees who range from experienced designers, print specialists, client care team operators and seamstresses.

We promise that we are not trying to financially capitalise in such troubled times, we are truly trying to help all our communities and the NHS by trying to reducing the speed of the spread by adding layers of barriers between a person’s mouth & nose and their surrounding atmosphere.

So much so that if you feel uncomfortable purchasing one of our masks, then please please make and wear your own using some of the many YouTube tutorials, we have added a few links to these videos across our website.

Recent research, which is being updated daily, now suggests that a mouth & nose covering is a credible and effective way of reducing the spread of this terrible killer.

If you don’t believe us, then here is a link to the thoughts of  Dr KK Cheng, a professor of public health at the University of Birmingham.